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The first International Expo for Tech Innovation Parks

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

From August 16 to 18, 2017, the first International Expo for Tech Innovation Parks was held in Shanghai expo exhibition hall. The expo covered an area of 20,000 square meters and had seven special exhibition areas. 54 cities, 135 parks, 280 enterprises and institutions, as well as 20 universities and colleges from 16 provinces and autonomous regions in China participated in the exhibition. As the organizer of the Israel pavilion, Sino Israel Technology Innovations(SITI) presented the charm of Israel science and innovation parks.


The basic exhibition area in the Israel pavilion mainly covered the profile of Gav-Yam Negev Advanced Technologies Park, the numerous achievements of China-Israel science and technology innovation, and the important role Sino Israel Technology Innovations played in the connection of innovation resources between China and Israel. By fully displaying the advanced scientific and technological products and the outstanding research and development capability of Israel, it was helpful for Chinese hi-tech parks in terms of industry transformation and upgrading and for the development for the Chinese companies. It was also conducive for them to learn from and introduce Israeli advanced technology and achievements, exploring collaboration opportunities, incubating and accelerating the implementation of cooperation projects between the two countries.

In the morning of August 16, Azriel Zelig Zwebner, Founder and Chief Executive of Basecamp, Moshe Romano, CFO, Itay Katzav, Project Manager and Roy Zwebner, CEO of Gav-Yam Negev Advanced Technologies Park visited the Israel pavilion and spoke highly of it. After that, they attended the ‘2017 The Second Yangtze Development Forum’, which was hosted by the Economic Coordination Association of Central Cities along the Yangtze river, organized by Cooperation and Exchange Office of Shanghai Municipal People's Government and Fudan university. Centering on the ‘new normal’ of China's economy, the conference held a series of discussions and exchanges on the theme of ‘building an innovation-driven belt to achieve win-win new development’ and the goal of promoting regional, industrial and industrial cooperation.

In the afternoon of August 17, the exhibition tour of Israel science and innovation parks started with expectation. Representatives from Gav-Yam Advanced Technologies Park, Ben-Gurion Advanced Technologies Park, Har-Hotzvim High-Tech Park, Haifa MATAM Scientific Industries Center, Sino Israel Technology Innovations and other institutions introduced their solutions for IP’s application, protection, trade and commercialization, R&D and incubation, and development in the international capital market. The guests fully understood the overview of the Israel science and innovation parks, the cooperation between these parks and the other industries in Israel, and the characteristics of SITI’s comprehensive international IP transfer and transaction service system, which has gained attention of many Chinese investors.

More than 80 summit forums, investment meetings, project roadshows and activities such as talent networking, capital incubation, achievements transformation, and international communication were held during the The International Expo for Tech Innovation Parks. It built a broad platform for Chinese hi-tech parks to share high-quality resources, attract investment and talents and develop in a coordinated way.

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